Welcome to FV 2 Cheats!

(Just a note: I am in the process of adding more items, so if you find something that doesn't have a page yet, please bear with me. It will be up soon.)

Collected and tested by JoAnn Moak.
This site will give you the cheat code needed for both the item you are wanting and the item needed to create it.
If you need help finding the crafted item, click on the image of the crafted item and it will take you to a page with a little more information about that item.
Need to use a different code? Look in the crafted items section.

Code Categories

  • Go to Animals
  • Go to Certificates
  • Go to Consumables
  • Go to Crops
  • Go to Decorations
  • Go to Outfits
  • Go to Trees

Crafting Codes

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