This page is a work in progress. When it is complete, it will have links to all of the themes so far. Each link will lead to a page that will show codes for everything in that theme and/or quest building and items it gives. This will include any decos, animals, tree, certificates, etc. that came out in that theme. (Note: Crafted items will not be included.)
  1. Add zest to your farm with Lemon Verbena!
  2. Are You Ready for Arugula?!
  3. Backyard Retreat
  4. Beat the heat with Blue Moon Gladiolus!
  5. Bewitching Bounty
  6. Bilberry Baggins!
  7. Build a Fertilizer Shed!
  8. Build a Mini Cow Derby Starting Gate!
  9. Build a River Gem Workshop!
  10. Build Percy's Clubhouse!
  11. Build the Little Log Workshop!
  12. Build the Turtle Rescue Station
  13. Build Your Animal Wash
  14. Build Your Art Supplies Bench!
  15. Build Your Birdhouse!
  16. Build Your Bouquet Buggy!
  17. Build Your Candle Making Kit
  18. Build Your Carving Corner!
  19. Build Your Chinchilla Playhouse!
  20. Build Your Clover Cauldron!
  21. Build Your Cricket Terrarium
  22. Build Your Fall Fairgrounds!
  23. Build Your Gift Grotto!
  24. Build Your Gift Wrapping Bench!
  25. Build Your Gramophone Bench!
  26. Build Your Halloween Wheelbarrow!
  27. Build Your Holiday Photo Booth!
  28. Build Your Horseshoe Toss Booth!
  29. Build your Mineral Lick
  30. Build your Mini Donkey Derby Starting Gate!
  31. Build Your Mixing Vat!
  32. Build Your Music Stand!
  33. Build Your New Year Party Booth!
  34. Build Your Paper Press!
  35. Build Your Perfumery!
  36. Build Your Petting Zoo
  37. Build Your Pickling Corner!
  38. Build Your Play Clay Press
  39. Build Your Pumpkin Stand!
  40. Build Your Puppet Show Stage
  41. Build Your Riding School!
  42. Build Your Snail Garden
  43. Build Your Snow Fight Fort
  44. Build Your Splash Station!
  45. Build Your Starting Gate!
  46. Build Your Summer Grill
  47. Build your Tea Brewing Bar
  48. Build Your Turtle Pond
  49. Build your Wonder Well!
  50. Building Upgrades
  51. Buy a Baby Bottle Crate to get deliveries
  52. Can't Beat Bull's Blood Beets!
  53. Cardoon Will Be Your Doom!
  54. Cats Are Here!
  55. Check out those Red Stemmed Thalias!
  56. Check out those White Pickerel Rush!
  57. Collect badges for your farming achievements to rank up and earn rewards within the society!
  58. Daily Rewards Are Here
  59. Discover the Earthnut Pea in a whole new way!
  60. Dogs Are Here! (Adopt A Collie Puppy)
  61. Don't Forget Blackcap Raspberries!
  62. Dress up your farm with Purple Calla Lily!
  63. Duck Races are Here!, The
  64. Enjoy the fruity bouquet of Koshu Grape
  65. Expand to the Alpine Ascent & Discover the New Recipes & Crops!
  66. Expand to the Green Glades!
  67. Expand to the NEW Charming Countryside!
  68. Expand to the Rustic Highlands!
  69. Fall Harvest
  70. Family Chest
  71. Fangtastic Fun
  72. Fantastic Flower Festival
  73. Fiery Hungarian Yellow Pepper is here!
  74. Get a taste of the sweet Buffalo Currant!
  75. Get Down Under with Australian Blue Squash!
  76. Get Early Access to Cow Breeding
  77. Get Lovely Lemon Bacopa!
  78. Get Ready for Valentine's Day!
  79. Get your Farm ready for Pink Trailing Ice!
  80. Get Your Hands Off Mizuna!
  81. Get Your Hands On Fingerling Potatoes!
  82. Go Nuts for Nile Cabbages!
  83. Great Deals!
  85. Holiday Decorating
  86. Horse Breeding is Here!
  87. Hot deals for Summer!
  88. How about a tuft of Candytufts
  89. I'm Dreaming of a White Currant!
  91. It's FarmVille 3rd Birthday!
  92. It's Raining Pink Bananas!
  93. It's Red Okra Gumbo time!
  94. Jazz up your farm with the Russell Lupin!
  95. Jazz up your farm with Winter Jasmine!
  96. Keep Going For The State Fair
  97. Kid Number 2
  98. Labradors Are Here!
  99. Last Bite! Sprout Campsite, The
  100. Let's roast up some Bath Asparagus!
  101. Let's roast up some Cuzco Corn!
  102. Make it colorful with the Capsicum Hunziker!
  103. Medieval Great Britain
  104. Meet Marvelous Marsh Marigold!
  105. Mini Cow Corral for a Meet and Greet
  106. Mini Donkey See Saw is ready to build!
  107. Missing Persian Kitten
  108. Monster Mayhem
  109. Nepal Needs You - Helping Hands
  110. New Farm Items
  111. New Free Bundle!
  112. New Teeswater Sheep
  113. New VIP Animals!
  114. Newest Content for Our Most Experienced Farmers
  115. Oh my Goodness! It's European Gooseberries!
  116. Oh snap! Time for some Sugar Snap Peas!
  117. Orange You Excited for Orange Marigold
  118. Place Meteor Shard Showcase!
  119. Plant Society Garlic to attract butterflies!
  120. Prep your river for Water Horsetail!
  121. Pretty Up Your Farm With the Gardenia!
  122. Pretty up your river with Flowering Rush
  123. Racing Just Got Otter!
  124. Ready for Winter
  125. Red Russian Kale is Strong Like Bull!
  126. Say Hello to Yellow Zucchini!
  127. Scream for Double Cream!
  128. Season your recipes with Purple Ruffles Basil!
  129. Send your friends the Candle for Peace
  130. Smells like Galia Cantaloupe in here!
  131. Snow Much Fun
  132. Southwestern Spice
  133. Special Limited Edition Offer
  134. Speed-grow Delivered Daily!
  135. Spice up your farm with Saffron Crocus!
  136. Spread the fragrance of the Stargazer Lily!
  137. Spread the fragrant aroma of Hyssop!
  138. Spruce up your Farm with Pink Dahlias!
  139. Spruce up your Farm with Red Empire Dahlias!
  140. Stargazer's Deck is Ready to Build!, The
  141. Stew up some soup with the Skunk Cabbage!
  142. Stir fry some Chinese Bitter Melon!
  143. Super Soapbox!, The
  144. Support Syrian Refugees!
  145. Sweeten things up with some Sweetleaf!
  146. Thanksgiving
  147. Thumbelina Carrots are here!
  148. VIP Farmer Crate Coming Soon
  149. Water Hawthorn Doesn't Need Water
  150. Welcome Home
  151. What is Florist's Cineraria
  152. Winter Decorating
  153. Wishing Well
  154. Wonderful Winter Sale!
  155. Yes, Yellow Onion is Here!